In this section, there is an overview of the key issues relating to Accommodation. Please feel free to copy and paste into the form in the Get Involved section – and you can submit it directly to EDF.

EDF is not moving from its plan for a new ‘town’ for 2,400 construction workers, of 3-4 storey blocks with car parks and leisure facilities, on a greenfield site close to Minsmere and next to Eastbridge, a hamlet of 50 people.

Using the campus is not compulsory and is single occupancy; workers must go out to socialise with anyone other than immediate colleagues or to use sports facilities.

EDF has consistently refused to consider splittng the site or to consider locating workers in urban areas with suitable social infrastructure and potential for legacy. It has failed to justify why it is not using its approach at Hinkley, where 500 workers are onsite and 1,000 in Bridgwater where the site has been laid out for new housing afterwards.

The campus will bring noise, air and light pollution, a massive increase in traffic, and the potential for anti-social behaviour. This will affect our health and wellbeing and place an unfair burden on Leiston, Eastbridge, Theberton and Minsmere.

EDF must make a cast-iron guarantee that all the development site land will be fully restored and not become ‘brownfield’.