Consultation Process

In this section, there is an overview of the key issues relating to the Consultation Process. Please feel free to copy and paste into the form in the Get Involved section – and you can submit it directly to EDF.

Sizewell C & D is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. EDF’s consultations have not been detailed enough for a project of this importance, with little evidence that they have listened to the concerns of local people, Councils or Groups.

There is very little mention of cumulative environmental, traffic, social and other impacts, and no assessment of the combined impact of overlapping Energy Projects.

EDF has presented new roads and massive traffic increases at the very last stage of public consultation, resulting in considerable shock and reducing the value of any feedback. EDF admits that its ‘Rail-Led’ strategy may not be feasible, which undermines the consultation process.

In Stage 1 and 2, EDF failed to present adequate comparisons; e.g. between proposed accommodation sites or between relief road proposals. This denies the public the ability to respond in an informed manner, resulting in an inadequate consultation process.

The model at EDF’s exhibitions does not show the construction phase, despite previous suggestions. EDF’s computer-generated videos are over-simplistic and misleading. The documents use outdated aerial maps from 2004/07, despite 2016 maps being available.