Environmental Impacts

In this section, there is an overview of the key issues. Please feel free to copy and paste into the form in the Get Involved section – and you can submit it directly to EDF.

EDF’s plans will cut the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in half for at least a decade, and threaten to compromise the purposes of the AONB designation itself.

Preliminary environmental information is close to non-existent in places, with too much relying on work that EDF has not yet reported or even started. EDF should publish its full Environmental Impact Assessment before applying for planning consent, and taking into account the other Energy Projects proposed in the area, look at all  projects together.

Environmental best practice must be followed; EDF saying that it “will be taken into account” is not good enough.

EDF must not build a town for 2,400 workers so close to protected areas.

The construction laydown areas, accommodation site, spoil heaps, quarries and causeway crossing of the SSSI will damage the fragile hydrology of the Minsmere Levels, Sizewell Marsh and affect the Minsmere Sluice. Alterations in the management of water run-off could make sensitive ecosystems wetter or drier, while the causeway crossing will impede the drainage of Sizewell Marsh SSSI habitat.

The proposed rock armour defence of the Sizewell C & D platform and Beach Landing Facility is inadequate, stopping above the low water line when it should go below it. Once the sacrificial dune erodes, the sea will be able to undermine the rock armour defence.

When quarry pits are refilled with excavated materials, there is a risk that pollutants will leach into the water table and Minsmere Levels groundwater over decades. EDF recognise the potential for pollution but are not proposing anything to stop it.

● Spoil heaps, up to the height of a 10-storey building, could cause significant dust pollution to the AONB, Minsmere Levels and Sizewell Marsh and also affect human health.

● EDF has introduced 4 new pylons, the height of the reactors, which will negatively impact the AONB landscape, rather than installing this infrastructure underground.