People and Economy

In this section, there is an overview of the key issues relating to People and Economy. Please feel free to copy and paste into the form in the Get Involved section – and you can submit it directly to EDF.

The £250m local tourism industry will be hit hard. Eyesores, noise, dust, and truck traffic will deter visitors to the coast between Southwold and Aldeburgh. EDF has not provided enough information about impacts on tourism.

EDF is slashing 20% from the cost of Sizewell, in part by using the Hinkley supply chain. EDF must state how this will affect the promised economic and employment benefits for the local area.

At Stage 2 the joint Councils were “unconvinced” the benefits of Sizewell outweighed the impacts. Now the impacts have increased and the benefits seem to have decreased.

Home rental costs will rise. At Hinkley they increased 18% in 2018 according to the BBC.

The Link Road will split parishes, cut off homes and farmhouses from village centres, close well used country roads and footpaths and make farms unviable.

EDF hasn’t yet conducted many vital studies including Health and Community. The project must not reduce locals’ access to emergency services and healthcare.