In this section, there is an overview of the key issues relating to Transport. Please feel free to copy and paste into the form in the Get Involved section – and you can submit it directly to EDF.

EDF took too long to decide that its ‘marine-led’ transport strategy was impossible. Calling its Stage 3 options ‘Rail-Led’ vs ‘Road-Led’ is misleading - both use mainly road.

EDF admits its ‘Rail-led’ strategy is uncertain, but it still means up to 900 HGVs a day, plus Park & Ride buses, on the B1122 through Yoxford and Middleton Moor, with a bypass of Theberton.

The Theberton bypass affects too many residents and still places unfair congestion, noise, pollution, vibration damage and accidents on residents and visitors. Our groups have never advocated bypasses around B1122 villages.

‘Road-Led’ means up to 1,500 HGVs a day on a Link Road from the A12, close to all three villages, potentially operating 24/7. The route is a bad choice, runs too close to many homes and listed buildings, with substantial embankments, cuttings, road and footpath closures, breaking up communities and making farms unviable. Parallel to the B1122, it will be of little use once the power station is built.

In EDF’s ‘Early Years’, up to 600 HGVs/day, plus hundreds of vehicles for other Energy Projects would use the current B1122, before any new roads or Park & Rides are ready.

Even with a new roundabout Yoxford will become a congestion and pollution blackspot.

No figures are provided for the site entrance roundabout. We estimate up to 6,470 Sizewell vehicle movements (including 1,500 HGVs) will use it per day, as will a forecast 6,800 passing non-Sizewell vehicles at peak.

Sizewell C & D need a proper, low-impact Relief Road, such as ‘D2’ or EDF’s route W, built before main construction starts. D2 is a more strategic route, serving multiple Energy Projects and providing a strong legacy for Leiston and Saxmundham.

Around Hinkley, rat-running on country lanes and congestion in villages from fly-parking by workers have become serious problems. EDF are doing nothing to prevent this here.